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Dim Light Waves 

Site Specific Installation

​共同合作 Collaborate:
鄭安凡 Anvar Cheng,

十一溫室  No.11 Botanic Atelier


​傅頴 Foo Ying

Weaving, hanging, pulling,

A daydream in the summer of 40 degrees.  

Whilst experiencing the lustre flowing within the cube, 

I stand and ponder, then retreat to the matrix

At the conscious border of dream and reality 

Immersing in tranquility.


"Dim Light Waves" is a collaborative sound/space installation between artist Hung Tzu Ni and scent installation artist Zheng Mu-Chen. It consists of two displays: "Prefaces" and "Synesthesia." Much like scents and beams penetrating through crevices in leaves, they overlap, blur, and alternate in an endless circle.

The artists weave subtle dots and lines into a narrative through their lenses, gradually and gently combining light refraction, sound, and scent. The sonic characteristics of the medium are amplified and transformed into experimental soundtracks.


在將近40 度炎夏做著日夢。 

在一個立方體中體驗光澤流潟時暫留偷得半刻閒情, 在一個意識中的現實延展夢境邊境回歸母體。 編織垂吊與拉升,





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