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Null Extension


The elastic wires are pressed against each other to produce a change in pitch to the tight extension of the radian.

The linear direction, length and volume of the installation also serves as a visual score to the  installation. The Vibration Speaker in the installation will absorb the sound from the  installation and the exhibition wall in the space will serve as a cavity for resonance.

Due to the thickness and material structure of the walls in different exhibition venues, a unique sound environment and sonic ecology can be produced.

作品為一動力聲音裝置於空間中彈奏, 發聲於實際展場之中、 由展牆共鳴放大聲音, 由具有彈性可發聲的線材因弧度相互緊迫延伸產生音高落差,透明柔軟具有動線、向度,攀附於牆面。裝置線性的走向、 長度與量體也為整個裝置發聲之視覺記譜, 裝置之震動喇叭部分 (Vibration Speaker) 將會吸收裝置聲響於空間中之展牆作為共鳴之腔體,藉由不同展場之牆面厚薄度與材質結構, 限地發出獨一無二之聲響環境與生態 (Sound Environment)。

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