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返轉抑制 Reversal Inhibition.jpg

返轉抑制 Reversal Inhibition

space Installation / Site Specific

一個關於闡述時間的裝置,將以往現代對於時間的「線性」發展性降低,將時間不斷的 「循環」概念增強,鐘錶之中的「數字」消除,嘗試一種關於時間器械的解釋。



The clock has no seconds, the clock is the time when there are seconds but the seconds are stacked.


Reducing the "linear" development of the concept of time in modern society, either strengthens the concept of "circulation" in time or eliminates the "numbers" in clocks. Reversal Inhibition attempts an other interpretation of time equipment.


The general recognition mechanism of time is reduced to a minimum here, only a slow-moving figure is gazed to identify its flow. Although 60 seconds is the linear projection of a cycle in this picture, but the result is repeated.

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