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三 生 Sansei
Space/Sound Installation/Performance


TaipeiFringeFestival 2017 the Honorable Mention Award.



肢體 Body / 林子寧Lin Tzu Ning , 梁俊文 Liang Chun Wen
裝置 Installation / 洪梓倪 Hung Tzu Ni
織物 Textile / 黃晴怡 Huan Chin Yi
影像 Vedio / 林蔚圻 Lin Wei Chi
主視覺 Visual / 陳睦勻 Chen Mu Yun
紙本發行 Publication / Batonic Projects 語言共事







"It is unity that begets duality, a perfect division which gives rise to its own division, and it is the thirding of this difference by which everything else is formed." (Lao-Tze, "Tao Te Ching" Ch. 42)

Sansei brings together sounds, objects, and bodies in conversation and in exploration of points of balance between humanity and technology. Lights give structure to sounds, textiles give form to silhouettes, and bodies shape their surroundings. These separate spheres encounter one another and their environments overlap, wrapping around, cutting across, and complementing their mutual boundaries.

Sansei is a project that explores the collaborative potential of artists from different fields and practices. Through an extended process of experimentation and conversation, the group creates work combining elements of dance and performance art (Lin Tzu Ning, Liang Chun Wen), installation and sound art (Hung Tzu Ni), textile art (Huan Chin Yi), and video art (Lin Wei Chi). The graphic design was made in collaboration with Chen Mu Yun.

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